6 ideas for your front door.

1. Make Your Front Door Complement Your Cladding Materials

To ensure a cohesive look, one of Origin’s top front door ideas is to either match or contrast the materials used elsewhere on your home’s exterior to your front door style. You might choose to mirror timber cladding or your aluminium windows, or any patio doors you might have, within your front door design, or choose a shade for your doors and windows that will set it apart from the cladding to make it a real focal point.

Simply picking out a colour from elsewhere on your home’s facade, such as that of your window frames, and using it for your front door can really pull the whole look together. Origin Front Doors can be specified in over 150 RAL shades, making it easy to ensure your front door complements the rest of your home – there is even a dual-colour option enabling you to choose different shades for the interior and exterior of your door.

2. Use Classic Tones

Subtle, classic shades, such as greys, black or white, will give your house a timeless feel that won’t date quickly and should give it wide appeal if you decide to move on. If you fancy introducing a bit of a brighter, individual feel but are worried about overdoing it, why not consider a mix-and-match approach – keeping the outer frame of the door the same shade as other doors and windows while introducing a bolder colour on the door panel? Check out our page on how to create your perfect front door.

3. Add a Pop of Colour

Alternatively, you can really display your personality when it comes to your choice of front door so why not go bold by opting for a colour that shows off your individual style, whether that’s a zingy, bright shade or a pretty pastel tone. There are over 150 shades to choose from so you really can let your imagination run wild.

4. Use Plants to Enhance Your Front Door

Your gardening efforts should not be restricted to the back garden – your front door is the ideal place to get creative with a range of pots, climbers, hanging baskets and more. One of our favourite front door ideas is to pick out plants in shades and shapes to complement those used in your front door. You could also think about small olive or bay trees, or topiary in pots either side of the door to frame it and bring a nice sense of symmetry to your entrance.

5. Opt for Aluminium

While natural timber is obviously a beautiful and traditional material for a front door, more and more homeowners are now considering the alternatives, with aluminium fast becoming something of a must-have for many. There are a multitude of benefits to be had if you do opt for aluminium – no need to repaint, unrivalled security, durability, no risk of rotting and its resilience to twisting or warping being just a few. Plus, of course, they come in a massive range of styles to suit all types of home.

6. Go Super Subtle

Allow the architecture of your home to shine by opting for a simple, sleek front door design that quietly complements the style of your home rather than competing with it. By choosing a front door that echoes the shape and form of your house, along with its colour themes, the sweep of the driveway and even the style of porch or canopy, you will highlight them and bring them to the fore.

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