Security locking systems.

How do bi-fold doors lock?

Most bi-fold doors have a multi-point locking system built in to the traffic door. This means they lock at more than one point around the frame. The most common frameworks have three or five lock points, whereas Origin bi-fold doors have a distinct eight-point locking system for additional security. They are simple and easy to use, just lift the handle and turn the key (or thumbturn) which moves the locking systems into place.

Can you lock bi-fold doors from outside?

Yes! You can lock your doors from the outside, but only with a key! From the inside you’ll be able to use the key OR the handle to engage the locks. If you opted for an internal thumbturn you will also be able to use that to engage the locks from the inside.

In some cases, you may be able to ask for no outside lock on your doors, but this would of course mean you wouldn’t be able to use that door to access the house from outside.

What type of lock do bi-fold doors use?

Locks commonly found on bi-fold doors include the following:

Cylinder lock (barrel lock)

• A keyhole and pin-and-tumbler mechanism inside a cylinder (barrel). Different-sized pins in the lock stop it from being turned without the correct key.


• Most deadbolts use a cylinder lock (single cylinder, double cylinder or lockable thumbturn)

Twin-point lock

• Where turning the handle operates locks at the top and bottom of the door panel, holding the doors in place.

Drop bolts

• Normally used as an auxiliary lock rather than a door’s main lock.

• The body of the lock and the strike plate interlock like a door hinge with special pins. When closed, the lock essentially becomes one unit and is very difficult to separate.

If your doors aren’t locking or closing smoothly, it’s likely that the issue has arisen because the doors have fallen out of alignment with the tracking mechanism and simply need adjusting, rather than an issue with the locking system itself.

Security is a key factor when making any home improvements and Origin doors provide the best protection for your home. Get in touch today for a quote!

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