Why move when you can improve.

Are you thinking about upgrading your home? Perhaps you don’t want the hassle of a major renovation or moving house entirely, but the needs of your family are outgrowing the home, so something has to change!

Simply changing the layout of your property and adding bi-fold doors to the design can create a sense of space by opening up the room.

Although remodelling your home, as opposed to extending it, does mean you won’t be adding any square footage to your interior, there are a number of benefits to rearranging the layout:

Planning permission is not usually needed

Minimum impact on neighbours

Less building work required, so less disruption

Often more affordable than an extension

You can include useful spaces in the design such as a WC or utility room

You won’t lose any space in your garden

Rules and regulations for bi-fold doors

You will need Building Regulations approval to install bi-fold doors into your property, and we strongly advise checking if you’ll need planning permission, although it’s unlikely. The opening where you install your doors may require a supportive beam to be fitted above it. A structural engineer can advise on if and how this should be installed.

Do you own a terrace or semi-detached property? You’ll need to read up on the party wall act. A party wall is a wall that is shared by a neighbour. If you are altering a party wall in any way, you’ll need to give notice to the sharing neighbour before starting any work. Read more about the party wall act here.

It’s best to get expert advice from a structural engineer or building surveyor before altering the structure of your home as they’ll be able to assess which walls are load bearing and advise what support structures will be needed. This is not something you want to just hazard a guess at, because it could be an expensive and timely fix if it’s done incorrectly.

Adding bi-fold doors to your property

Installing bi-fold doors is essentially adding a glass wall to your home. Where you position your furniture will likely change and it can significantly change how you use the room. You will need to take into account the configuration of your doors so that you leave enough space for the doors to be concertinaed when they are open. Adding plants in the space will allow you to connect with the greenery outside and think about upgrading your patio furniture to create the sense of extending the room outdoors.

Will you choose to move or improve your home this year? Get in touch for a quote!

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