Why you should choose sliding doors.

The addition of sliding doors to your home will open it up, allow the sunlight to flow in and give you an almost uninterrupted view of your garden.

There are many benefits to Origin’s sliding doors: Saving money on your energy bills and increasing the value of your home are just two.

So why should you use large sliding glass doors?

They’re great for a variety of properties! Smaller properties benefit from sliding doors where space is minimal as the panels do not swing outwards, therefore not needing extra space inside or outside to open and close.

The larger the property, the larger the panel size… The larger the panel size, the fewer numbers of doors required. Origin’s sliding doors are manufactured in a premium grade aluminium which allows the sightlines to be slimmer than with other materials. This creates the illusion of a glass wall giving you that uninterrupted view of the garden.

If you’re worried about ventilation with sliding doors, don’t be! With these large panel doors, one door can slide open however much you like. Open it just a little bit, all the way or anywhere in between. It’s important to have efficient ventilation in your home to prevent damp, protect your health and it also helps get rid of any smells created when you’re cooking.

Benefits of large panel sliding doors

  • Do you ever buy a piece of furniture without measuring the space through the doors and then think, how are we going to get that in the house? Well you don’t have to worry about that with large panel sliding doors because the larger access is perfect for moving large items in and out of your home.
  • Being light and easy to operate, sliding doors make opening and closing simple for a child or somebody in their later years.
  • From an aesthetic point of view, these doors afford stunningly wide visual flow between the interior and patio.
  • Large sliding patio doors allow natural light to flood into your home affording panoramic scenes.
  • The slimmer frames are stunning over a large opening, as they allow for a more unbroken view of the landscape beyond the door.
  • Origin Sliding Doors are made with an aluminium frame, so are strong and durable without compromising on quality, style, security or sightline.
  • Large glass panels create an illusion of greater space, giving your home an airier and more open feel.
  • Natural light is so important to health and wellbeing, improving focus and helping the body to produce Vitamin D, and large glass panels will allow optimum light into your home.
  • Not only is natural light good for your health, but there will be no need to switch on a lamp in the daytime, helping you to save money on energy bills and do your bit for the environment.
  • The same is also true for the extra warmth afforded to your home. Origin Sliding Doors are thermally broken which limits the heat transfer from one side of the door to the other, so your heat will stay on the inside in the winter months, and will prevent the heat from entering in the summer months.
  • A large sliding door system extends your interior, opening your home up to the outside and creating an ideal space for relaxing and entertaining.
  • The doors are modern and stylish, giving your home an elegant and welcoming feel.

Not only are they practical, they’re also stylish! Origin’s sliding doors are bespoke and come tailored to your size, colour and finish requirements. Many customers choose darker frames for their large panel sliding doors, but Origin can manufacture in over 150 RAL colours, so the choice is yours.

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