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Transform Your Home’s Layout with Internal Screens and Bi-Fold Doors

Fancy a change but you don’t want to move? Then simply changing the layout of your home will achieve that, we have a number of internal screens that can change your entire space, adding bi-fold doors to the design can further create the illusion of even more space by opening up the room.
Ok, so you won’t be adding any square footage to your home BUT there are many advantages of updating your home rather than a full renovation or moving, and they are;

  • Planning permission is not usually required 
  • Minimum disruption to your neighbours
  • Often more affordable than an extension, a renovation or moving 
  • You can include useful spaces in your design such as a WC or utility room to maximise usage
  • You won’t lose any space in your garden because you parent extending

Rules and regulations for bi-fold doors
If you are planning on having bi-fold doors installed, then you might need Building Regulations approval, but it’s very unlikely that you’ll need planning permission. We can often replace doors, and it is covered under our Fensa Certification so there will be no need for Building Regulations approval
(Do double check before starting any work to be certain. The opening where you install your doors may need a supportive beam to be fitted above it. A structural engineer can advise on if and how this should be installed.

Building regulations & planning permission
Most building projects, even those that only mean knocking down or moving walls require building regulations approval, small building project however, such as changing your internal layout is unlikely to need planning permission!

Which experts should you talk to?
This will depend on the scope of your project, but at the very least, you should hire a surveyor.

  • A surveyor 
  • Architects
  • A structural engineer

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