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Maximising Views, effortless functionality, and unparalleled security

Enhance your living space with Freedom Bespoke’s collection of premium aluminum doors. Designed and manufactured by Origin, our doors combine unmatched craftsmanship, advanced security, and bespoke customisation options to create the perfect solution for your home. Explore our range of Origin Bi-fold, Sliding, French, and Residential doors and elevate your home’s style today. We are also proud to be partnered with Sunlfex and Rk Doors and RK Steel which ensures we can provide solutions for any design.


Crafted from premium grade aluminium and the highest quality materials, Our Bi-fold Doors are renowned for their strength and security. Designed and manufactured in Britain, these doors come with an industry-leading 20-year guarantee on all components. 


Open up to unobstructed views

Experience the “wow” factor with our Corner Bi-fold Sets that eliminate the need for a corner posts, maximising your view of the outside world.

These doors can be folded back on a 90 or 135-degree corner and feature customisable fixed or moving posts. With bespoke elements available across ranges, you can tailor your Corner Bi-fold Set to meet your specific requirements.


Effortless functionality and superior security

Lightweight yet strong, energy efficient and virtually maintenance-free, our premium grade aluminium combines high levels of security with impeccable functionality.

Only the best billets of aluminium are used to create all of our products, which makes them weatherproof, highly resistant to warping and corrosion, and so smooth to operate that Origin Sliding Doors don’t just slide, they glide.


Expansive Panels, Limitless Views

Sunflex have been manufacturing their sliders for over 25 years, with a huge amount of options very slim sighlines and high quality craftmanship. Panel sizes can be up tp 3 metres wide and 3 3metres high the are a leading performer in the aluminium slider market. All sliders are Pas24 and secure by design accredited.


Slim Sightlines, Maximum Style

Discover seamless elegance and practicality with corner sliders from Origin and Sunflex. These industry leaders offer sets with slim sightlines and effortless mechanisms that redefine your living space. Enjoy unobstructed views that make a statement in any room. Trust in smooth and reliable operation every day.


Elegant design meets unmatched durability

Made using premium grade aluminium and finished with a high-quality powder coating to the colour of your choice, Origin Single Doors are the perfect solution for an external entry way. Whether you’re looking for a fresh new look or simply want to colour-match with existing doors or windows, all Origin products are completely bespoke and can be manufactured to your requirements.

Choose whether you want your door to open inwards or outwards and from a palette of 150 RAL colours, including a dual colour option for inside and out. Strength and security is important no matter the door, and the Origin Single Door is no exception.

Questions? Give us a call and tell us what you need.


Modern design with character and natural light

A modern take on a traditional style, Origin French Doors add character and natural light to your home. Whether you’re updating tired doors or fitting in an entirely new set, Origin French Doors offer a sleek and elegant design manufactured with high quality in mind. Perfect for balconies, kitchens or living rooms, French doors are also a practical solution for a spacious entry door.

Opening to a full 180 degrees, Origin French Doors are hinged and can be manufactured to open either inward or outward, depending on your preference. Able to fit apertures ranging from 1.4-2.4m, and further options for fixed panes (also known as ‘flags’), these doors can be completely custom made.


Strength, elegance, and unparalleled security

Experience the perfect front door with Freedom Bespoke’s Origin Residential Doors. Crafted from premium grade aluminum, these doors combine strength and elegance effortlessly.

With 35 panel options, 150 RAL colors, and a wide range of accessories, you can customise your Residential Door to suit your style. Featuring tamper-proof barrels and a 5-point or industry-leading 8-point automatic locking system, our Residential Doors provide style and the highest levels of security for your home.


Over 150 colours to choose from.

If earthy tones or vibrant primary colours are more to your taste then you can choose from a wide range of over 150 different RAL shades; still delivered on industry-leading times for a smoother project schedule. What’s more, choose a dual colour option for a different interior and exterior colour to match or contrast existing features and designs.

The Origin Interior Door Collection

The Origin Door

The Origin Residential Door Collection​

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