Steel Style Doors (Georgian Bar)

A timeless design feature, steel style windows and doors are growing in popularity.

We’ve all been there… Scrolling Pinterest for inspiration when we’re thinking about upgrading our homes, and how often have you come across the steel style in doors, windows, shower panels? More times than you could count on both hands? Thought so!

Steel style refers to the black steel or aluminium frame with glass panels. However, priced at about £2,700 sq m, authentic steel doors are costly.

Aluminium is a much more cost-effective way of installing the steel style into your home. Not only does it weigh 67% less than steel (meaning that the aluminium doors are much lighter and easier to operate, which is especially important when using bifold doors), but they’re also much more thermally efficient than steel frames because of the thermal break that is incorporated into Origin’s products. Not to mention the fact that aluminium is very environmentally friendly!

Thin profiling blurs the line between inside and out, creating the illusion of greater living space – perfect for convincing the neighbours your house is bigger than theirs!

With multiple options for size, colour, configuration and security, we are able to create your ideal steel style doors at a much more affordable price.

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